FHA Streamline Refinance | FHA Mobile Refinance Loan | FHA Refinance
FHA Mobile Home Streamline Refinance, FHA Streamline Refinance, FHA Cash Out Refinance and FHA Manufactured Home Loan information. FHA Refinance Loans
FHA Streamline Refinance | FHA Mobile Refinance Loan | FHA Refinance
FHA Streamline Refinance Manufactured and mobile home loans, refinancing and financing in a Park, leased or with land. Cash Out, debt consolidation,
streamline refinance your current FHA mobile home loan, shorten the loan term or lower the interest rate on your double wide or single wide mobile home loan.
Even if you owe more than your home's value!

Streamline mortgages are refinances of existing, insured mortgages
through the Federal Housing Administration.  The loans are "streamlined,"
because they have less paperwork and fewer procedures required to
complete the refinancing.
Conditions For A Streamline Loan
To qualify for a streamline refinance
loan a borrower must have held, in
good standing, an FHA loan for at
least 12 months. The new loan must
be for the purpose of reducing the
borrower's rate and payment and he
can't take out any cash as part of
the refinancing of the mortgage.
Benefits of Streamlining
A Streamline Refinance can be beneficial for people with credit problems
and those who are unemployed. The loans do not require a credit check or
appraisal. Borrowers do not have to provide income or employment
verification, although the lender will check payment history on the existing loan.

Streamline loans do carry some limitations.  No-appraisal refinances require
that the loan not exceed the original loan amount.

We understand the importance of your home in your life and are committed
to providing you with the assistance and information you need to help you
provide for and preserve the dream of homeownership. As no two customers
are alike, we will work with you to develop solutions for your unique needs.

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Homeowners enjoy the benefits of investing
in their property year after year. For some,
there comes a time when that investment
can come in handy. Refinancing with an
FHA loan can prove to be an effective way
to put that equity to work. Keep in mind
that FHA refinancing is only available to
homeowners who are currently using
their home as their principal residence.
This refinancing option is especially
beneficial to homeowners whose
property has increased in market value
since the home was purchased.
A Cash Out refinance allows homeowners
to refinance their existing mortgage
by taking out another mortgage
for more than they currently owe.
This refinancing option is considered
streamlined because it allows you to
reduce the interest rate on your current
home loan quickly and oftentimes
without an appraisal. FHA Streamlined
Refinance also cuts down on the
amount of paperwork that must be
completed by your lender saving you
valuable time and money.
.FHA insured loans require mortgage
insurance to protect lenders against
losses that result from defaults on
home mortgages.
FHA lending limits vary based on a variety
of housing types and the state and county
in which the property is located.
Did You Know...?
The FHA, or Federal Housing Administration,
provides mortgage insurance on loans
made by FHA approved lenders. FHA
insures these loans on single family and
multi-family homes in the United States
and its territories. It is the largest insurer of
residential mortgages in the world, insuring
tens of millions of properties since 1934
when it was created.

The FHA wants you to get the loan
amount you are qualified for and
sets up conditions to allow you to
successfully buy an FHA home.
To pre-qualify for an FHA loan,
you should be able to demonstrate
employability, job stability and reliability.
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